Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment - Day Eleven

**This post was transferred from the now defunct "The Long Ease" blog.**

Treatment Day: 11

Arrival Time at Lutheran Hospital Wound Healing Center: 7:41am

Appointment Time: 8:00am

Treatment Started: About 8:05am

Notable things about self today: I HAD been feeling better.  The cold symptoms were on their last legs.  You know.  Those final rattle-y mucus-y coughs.  The sinuses starting to dry up.  That feeling of "Oh, thank god this shit is almost over."

Treatment Length: 2.5 hours

Physical things noted during treatment:  NONE.  Why?  Because for the first time during this whole escapade, I managed to fall asleep.  My nurse had to yell my name into the phone to wake me for BOTH of my air breaks.  I guess 14 hours in the car over two days will tire you out!

Other reasons I may have managed to sleep:  The TV was set to whatever channel Good Morning America is on, because the staff was all glued to the Robin Williams coverage.  That was all a little too hard for me to watch.  Not just because I loved Robin Williams and so many of his movies, but because someone very close to us was a very close friend to him.  And that has made thinking about the tragic death of a beloved celebrity even sadder - because that small connection made him so much more real.  Made me think about him like I thought about my cousin and the people and the emotions she left in the wake of her tragic death.  I didn't want any more sadness.  I had to close me eyes - and I am grateful that that act led to snoozing.

Time Left Lutheran Hospital: 10:41am

Arrival Time at Work: 11:10am

Reason for Delay:  It was one of those EVERY RED LIGHT days.

Number of Treatments Left: 29

How I'm Feeling Physically:  A few hours after the treatment, I noticed the cold symptoms are BACK.  Completely annoyed.

How I'm Feeling Mentally:  Still very hopeful.  Despite the pain and urgency continuing to show up, I still believe this is the answer.  I still believe these treatments are going to give me back some of the life I feel like I've lost this past year.

Til tomorrow.
Xxo, Phoebe Marie


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