Healthy? Me?

Yesterday I went for my fourth of six colon hydrotherapy appointments.  Two thirds of the way through these procedures and I still feel like they are SO STRANGE!  But good.  I've felt better this past week, even WITH a nasty cold, than I have in literally years.  Maybe it's that.  Maybe it's the exercise.

Yeah.  You heard my chubby ass right.  Exercise.  Me.  No foolin'.

This past week, I bought a rebounder.  And now EVERY morning, regardless of how I feel, the first thing I do... well... I pee first, so the SECOND thing I do... is bounce.  Bouncing for ten minutes every morning is a great way to start the day.  It circulates the lymph, which not only boosts the immune system, but it just makes you feel GOOD.  I plan to work my way up to 20 minutes a day over time, but 10-15 is still pretty excellent!  I've also been going back to yoga class with my buddy Ben (taught by my good friend Laura) on Wednesdays, and doing a 30 minute workout on either my stationary bike or my gazelle at least three other days per week.  It really is amazing what getting your ass moving a little bit can do for your brain!  Strangely, I have actually started to look forward to exercising.  Especially bouncing!  Who am I???

I've also been eating a lot better.  Crappy food has become the exception instead of the rule.  Sure I still crave a soda now and then, but it's Natural Cane Sugar soda now instead of high fructose nightmare juice.  And I still want cookies, but now they are delicious ginger thins instead of oreos.  Instead of brownies, fiber bars.  Replaced ice cream with fruit sorbet.  Breakfast has become bowls of grape nuts cereal instead of I'm-late-for-work-drive-thru-McMuffins.  Lunch is now spinach salads instead of white bread sandwiches.  Dinners have veggies as sides instead of piles of pasta - and when there IS pasta, it's brown rice, whole grain or veggie pasta!

And let's not forget that I'm downing up to 100 ounces of filtered water a day!  Did you know that you should be drinking between half and three-quarters your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water per day?!  I sure didn't.  I WAS drinking more than that old eight 8oz. glasses of water a day thing, so I thought I was doing great!  Wrong.  Right now I weigh about 175 lbs - which means I SHOULD be drinking between 88 and 132 ounces a day!  Not just 64.  WOW!

Everything is so new and it really is exciting to me!  Yesterday at my appointment, I was offered a free hour in the dry sauna because they were running behind.  Kris Carr talked about this in her documentary, so I decided to go for it!  Again, can I just say WOW!  It felt great.  So hot, so sweaty, so relaxing!  I will definitely be doing that again!

(OH!  And speaking of hot... my hormone pills seem to be helping - I have barely had a hot flash in days!)

I am hoping that these healthy changes might lead to some additional weight loss, but honestly, if not - I really won't be disappointed.  I love my body right now and am a-ok with the extra pounds so long as they are healthy ones!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Lots of love love,

PS - Tattoo Dad and Michael Gerber, this is for you:  I started a (hand-written) gratitude journal this week.  The book I bought is a five year journal and I have made it a serious goal to stick with this EVERY day for at LEAST those five years.  Because we really are grateful for SOMETHING every day.  And it's nice to be reminded.  Love to you!


kristin said…
LOVE this.
seriously. this makes me so happy!
awesome! inspiring! it is amazing what the human body can do when put to work with the proper fuel.
jim nelson said…
Grateful for YOU!....tat dad

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