Good Things.

First of all - I forgot to tell you.  I found my original posi+ivi+y bracelet that my friend Kristin sent me.  It was in the laundry that I did this weekend.  YAY!  I am now wearing it again, plus the GR ATTITUDES one the Alexa's Angels ladies sent me, plus the red posi+ivi+y bracelet that I bought for myself when I thought the original one was gone.  A little extra PMA never hurts, right?

Secondly, I just have to share that I had a really nice weekend.  I did a bunch of thrifting, which was not only fun but somewhat necessary as I am now swimming in a lot of my clothing.  New (used) duds are a great mood lifter.  And cheap!  I had nice phone chats with both tattoo-dad and mum.  I got to hang out with my bro, Steve Brown and his lovely wife, Jenni, on Sunday.  An amazing pair, these two, and always hilarious.  Laughter really is excellent medicine!  Amid all of that, I also managed to do a bunch of laundry, work on a logo design for another friend's new business venture, start rearranging the media room, and picked out paint colors for it as well (to cover up the awful paint in there now).  I am a machine!

And third, I just got home from my one-on-one session with the nurse who ran the Cancer Survivor class thing I went to last week.  She called me the day after the class to encourage me to come meet with her privately so that we could really focus more on the issues I am having, since the class was much more general and because I am so much younger than the average survivor.  Well... IT. WAS. AWESOME.  We talked for two hours and I feel like she answered so many of my questions, provided me with a bajillion resources, gave me some fabulous advice, and then on top of all that... she took a ton of notes about things she did not have an immediate answer for so that she could look into them.  Nurses really are what our medical system should be about.  They are amazing.  And she was amazing.  I feel informed and armed with lots of info to get MORE informed.  I learned a few more things to do, health and wellness -wise, and I am really excited about them.

I am also really excited that she seems to want to include me in the possible creation of some sort of support network idea for people more like me.  Even if I just end up being the muse for something like that happening, I will be psyched!

Oh.  And one last bit of awesome.  I got an unexpected package this weekend from my Auntie Barb & Uncle Dave in New York.  In it was a completely gorgeous cookbook about healthy cooking from The Culinary Institute of America.  My Aunt Barb is a true food genius and could give Martha Stewart a real run for her money in about every other category, as well.  I was so excited to get such a nifty bit of help from her in an area she knows a lot about.  I have no doubt that everything in this cookbook will be delicious and awesome.  I am a terrible cook, but eating better is going to make me learn for sure!  Thanks, Auntie Barb!!

Thanks, EVERYONE.  I cannot tell you enough how much all of your support and love means to me.

Xxo, Phoebe


Mary said…
Great support from wonderful peeps!

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