Love Love Love.

So, it's Valentine's Day today.  When I woke up this morning, there was a lot of poo-pooing of this particular holiday on the facebook.  And if you missed my response status this morning, I will share it again...

I couldn't really come up with better words to say that again, and rather than try to paraphrase myself, I figured just reposting it here made more sense.  And it's true.  I LOVE hearts.  I enjoy Valentine's Day if for no other reason than there are big red hearts everywhere you go.  And I love LOVE.  Not just in my own life, but really in everyone's - I get so excited when the people I care about find love and happiness of their own!  I think it is just the best. 

I had a conversation with my friend Mallorie recently about how the trend these days seems to be to bash Valentine's Day and romance and all that.  The conversation came up because a good friend of mine runs an awesome little gallery and they were doing the whole anti-Valentine's Day show.  Now, I don't have a problem with that - it's been a popular group show theme for years... but the truth is, for ME - it would have felt hypocritical to create something for that show because I don't really have anything against today.  Not that I want flowers or sappy cards or mall diamonds or anything from Ryan.  I'm way happier just having him reach over t hold my hand when we're sitting on the couch watching bad tv on any old day of the year.  But I see no reason to coolly try to crap all over today.  Love is awesome.  Hearts are pretty.  Red and pink are both kick-ass colors.  And chocolate rules!

Lots of love to each and every one of you!


Gary/Dad said…
Hooray for LOVE!!!!!
Gary/Dad said…
and hot fudge
and caramel sauce
and real whipped cream
Michelle Auer said…
I feel exactly the same way. I told my boyfriend I am Pro-Love and can't understand why anyone would hate on a day dedicated to love even if it is a "made up holiday" as people keep saying. Also, I love hearts, and red and pink and chocolate, and all of the fun things that go with it. I also REALLY love how all of this amazing chocolate that I normally would not spend my money on, goes on 75% off clearance the day after!! SCORE!

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