If you're on Facebook, someone you know has to have posted the link to one of the many articles about the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling their funding from Planned Parenthood because of pressure from anti-abortion groups...  If not, check out the story here.

Personally, this makes me sick.  And yet, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

The week after my diagnosis, a friend who has gone through her own cancer battle warned me that Komen's foundation was useless and unhelpful.  Over the next few months, I continued to hear nothing but negativity directed toward them.  (They SUE people for using the phrase "for the cure".  Are you KIDDING ME??)  And then I wake up to see this garbage posted by several friends online this morning.  Make me puke.

One of my early posts on this blog urged the women reading not to put off their annual exam.  I even suggested Planned Parenthood as an option and KNOW of a woman who had been putting her exam off for three years who did go to PP and discovered a problem - not cancer, but something that required attention!  She (and many, many people in my peer group) go to PP because it is all they can afford.  So when I see a CANCER foundation pulling their funding from the place that helps lower-income women check for the very cancer that I have... it makes my blood boil.

Susan G. Komen foundation is nothing but a weak, tacky corporate empire hocking pink Kitchen Aid blenders and Post-It notes or some shit.  Fuck them.  For the cure.

(Sorry for the negativity today, but I'm just disgusted.)

Xxo, Phoebe

PS - To my friends who were discussing it... please do NOT run the Race for the Cure.  I hate to think MY illness inspired anyone to give money to these creeps.


r'n'r-RN said…
i have disliked the Komen foundation for years. I knew that the money is not going to where it is needed the most and I have not and I will never participate in that pink ribbon bullshit.
since I have more sense than dollars, i just use my nurse superpowers to educate and direct people to the care that they need...you know, community resources. I hope they can still get the screenings they need.

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