Who Inspires You?

Remember when I posted a couple days ago about the message I received from the woman from Alexa's Angels?  And how they wanted to send me something?

Well, I got it!  A lovely package with some posi+ivi+y bracelets and a great bracelet I hadn't seen before that says "GRATITUDES" on 10 separate beads.  The little card this bracelet came on says "Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Use each bead to count 10 things you are grateful for everyday!"  As I just started my little gratitude journal, I think this is a perfectly timed gift!

The best part of the package wasn't really any of the goodies themselves, but the card they sent along with them.  I was so touched and couldn't not share the lovely note with you all...

Next time I am in Colorado visiting my parents, I am going to have to go find their offices and hug these great ladies!  

And then the outside of the card asked a simple question:

I am so flattered that so many people seem to find my silly self inspiring!  Seriously.  Inspiring is something I have genuinely always wanted to be!  But I thought it would be nice, since we're talking about inspiration, to share with you a couple of the people who are inspiring me lately:

My friend Mallorie Freeman.  She is an incredible artist and an extremely positive woman.
Being around her makes me laugh and smile and just feel good about life.
Check out her website: www.malloriefreeman.com and her tumblr: malloriefreeman.tumblr.com

My blog-world friend, Sandra Juto.  I started following Sandra's blogs years ago.
Her photography just floors me on a daily basis.  I am in love with following her life online.
Check out her website: sandrajuto.blogspot.com and her instagram: instagram.heroku.com/users/sandrajuto
or buy a pair of her FABULOUS wrist worms: www.wristworms.com 
(I wear mine every day!!!)

There are so many more people in my life who inspire me every single day.  My parents, my friends, my family... these are just a couple.  Perhaps as time goes on, I will continue sharing my inspirations with you.  And maybe you'll share yours with me in a comment?  Is there someone's blog or artwork or music you recommend for inspiration??

Lots of love, Phoebe


Rocko said…
you are totally inspiring me! no more smoking and I can feel myself eventually becoming psychotic about my workouts again. thank you!
M said…
I <3 you Phoebe Phoebe!!!

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