Phoebe's Oncologist...

...scared the shit out of us back when this all started. Scroll down if you like, I know I posted about it at the time. It wasn't his fault - he answered our questions which, in hindsight, were the wrong ones. That interaction led to a couple minor and at least one major meltdown on my part.

Today the same oncologist performed Phoebe's six-month post-treatment checkup (he will be her doctor in this regard for many years). In the course of doing the exam he said something that I'm pretty sure he thought was a trivial point, but it totally shut down some of my ongoing anxiety...

He said "you are taking hormone replacement, right?" (yes, she is) "you will have to take those until you are 50, that is about when most women get menopause naturally".

Suddenly the guy who sent us spiraling into panic mode (however unintentionally) is talking about my wife turning 50 like it's no big deal. At that moment a tiny little wound-up angry man who has been drinking himself silly for the last eight months in some lonely outpost on the outskirts of my consciousness suddenly stood up, put on his hat, and went the fuck home.

It's funny the things that matter sometimes. We really love this guy now, he really is a very sweet guy. I'm glad we ended up with such a great team. It was meant to be somehow.



jim nelson said…
Ryan... I LOVE your comments! There is no question in my mind the love you two share with each other. Thanks for being a TERRIFIC son in law! Love you...tat father in law
Anonymous said…
A man who calls another man "sweet" is truly a sweet man - one who would love my Phoebe so much. Thank you for the sweetest post ever! Congratulations to both of you for surviving this journey ... together!

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