Can I Just Talk About LIFE On Here?

Almost every day now I find myself thinking "I should post something on my blog today."  And then I worry that I might not have anything that is caner or post-cancer or staying positive -related to say.  And I worry that if I just start talking about WHATEVER, that people will get bored.  I mean... I have had blogs for YEARS prior to this... and I always had about 6 friends and my mum follow them.  I get nervous when I think about posting things that are just, you know, THINGS.

But the truth of the matter is... life is getting back to normal.  Or to the new normal.  Which, quite unexpectedly, is way friggin better than the old normal.  And my sincere hope is that there WILL be less and less to say that has to do with cancer - and more and more that just has to do with living.

I hope my friends, my family, my followers are into that.  And I hope as I start to add in more posts that are just about LIFE... that I can figure out how to hold your interest and to continue to be inspiring.  Most of all, I want to keep on being REAL.  I really let it all hang out with this blog through my treatments and the physical and emotional horror show that followed.  I plan to keep on doing that, although I hope it involves less talk about my butt...

Xxo, Phoebe


Michelle Auer said…
I've always liked your blogs no matter what they are about. And I am totally cool if you want to talk less about your butt. :-)
r'n'r-RN said…
i think your blogs are fun and I have enjoyed them over the years. You write so well, and when I read, I hear your voice and I can hear the warmth and happiness these days. It's a comfort.
you could probably write about pocket lint and i would still read it. :)
Anonymous said…
I'm in for anything and everything you have to say. I guess I had better change my name from "Mum" to "anonymous" so you think it's someone other than just your Mom!
jim nelson said…
Keep writing...I'll keep reading! love you..."tat" dad
Anonymous said…
Hey, the blog title is "Postively Phoebe", so I think you can write about anything positive, or anything Phoebe, that you want, and we know that your precious mind wanders... Write on!

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