6 Month Appointment

Yep.  That's today.  Officially, last week was my six months post-treatment mark, but today is the actual appointment.  Today is the appointment that, prior to the LAST one, I thought would be my next PET scan.  But no.  Because the last appointment deemed that UNNECESSARY.  I still can't believe that, but love it.  Just a basic pelvic exam and PAP test for me, today.  And, well, every three months for the next five years.  But whatever!!  Better than PET scans every three months!

I'm not sure whether it is strange to admit this or not, but I feel NO FEAR about this exam.  Last time, I was staring down the barrel of my exam in Italy - and as amazing as that trip was, I spent a lot of that time scared to death about the upcoming test.  This time, I've barely thought about it at all.  Hell, I had even forgotten when it was - I had to dig through my file cabinet last week because I could not remember the date.

But here we are.  Ready to go.  And I am completely calm.  I took the entire day off of work because I felt like the tradition of going to the Original Pancake House before our appointments is an important one to continue.  Not sure why, exactly, but it is important to me.  Ryan and I had a really nice breakfast and now I am painting my toenails "since they're going to be up in Dr. Kebria's face later," as I told Ryan.

I'm not sure why I have had it in my head that the six month mark is when they officially call it "remission," but I am definitely going to ask that question today.

Today also happens to be one of my very best friends', Mallorie's, fortieth birthday!  On such an amazing day, a doctor's appointment can only bring good news, right?  To celebrate, she and I are going out to dinner together tonight.  Crab legs are both of our favorite foods, and having been the one to introduce Pete to them on MY birthday all those years ago, it only seems a fitting way to celebrate both Mallorie's birthday, my upcoming birthday, and Ryan carrying on Pete's flower tattoo.

What a friggin' awesome week!!  I feel so good about everything right now.  How great is that?

Xxo, Phoebe


ÜBER-great! Have a great appointment!
jim nelson said…
From that night sleeping at Fairview Hospital to today has been one amazing journey.....what a long, strange trip it's been!...love you lots - tat dad

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