Never Underestimate The Power Of PMA

We spread the message literally from Ohio to Japan and back.  The requests for prayers, positive thoughts, PMA, healing vibes, good juju... all of it.  All for little Spencer.

And today, as I stood in Target and heard Lacey's text noise... my heart was in my friggin throat as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked to see the words:


And then I bawled.  And then I called my mum and told her.  And then I sat in traffic for an hour trying to get to Spencer's baby brother, Sullivan's, baptism.  I have never been so happy to hug my "wife" Lacey or her hubby, Todd.

It was a wonderful day and I have no doubt in my mind that everyone's positive thoughts and prayers helped.

Thank you.  Thank you all.  And if you want to follow Lacey, Spencer, Sullivan and Todd's adventures, too, you can find them here:

I am so happy.  I spent a good 10 minutes snuggling with my dude, Spencer, before we left the post-baptism party.  I have never been so happy that someone decided NOT to be like me...

Spencer will continue to be monitored, but for now - NO CANCER!!! Ryan and I are having a little Maker's Mark toast in his honor.  And then I'm passing out.  What a week!  (And it's only Tuesday...)

Love love love, Phoebe


Best day ever! The only way it could've been better would have been if we never had to wait for results at all!! But I'll take this, for sure! A d thank you for everything!

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