A Request for My Amazing Friend

I have this friend.  He might be the cutest guy I have ever seen (no offense to my beautiful husband...)  He's got big, sparkling blue-gray eyes and wears those glasses with the black plastic frames that all the cute boys wear.  He's got naturally gingery auburn hair that every other woman I know has attempted (and failed) to achieve with overpriced salon visits at least once in her life.  His smile could make the coldest, most hateful heart melt.  He's got a great wardrobe - always looks well put together.  He's got a penchant for stripes, plaid, skulls and robots and he looks great in a hat.  His hugs are the kind of hugs you wish all guys would give - genuine, full of love, and just a little bit needy.  And he has the kind of family every girl wishes could be HER family, too.

I could go on and on about this guy.  About what a gem he is.  About how he won me over the moment I met him.  About what a lover and a goof and a party animal and an awesome dancer he is.

But today, all I can think about is that this friend, this amazing friend of mine... has to have a fucking biopsy.  A bone marrow biopsy, to be exact.  And if you are not as "up" on your cancer-related info... a bone marrow biopsy tests for leukemia.  Fucking cancer...

I don't want my friend to have cancer.  I don't want him to have to go through chemotherapy.  I don't want his amazing family to have to worry about him the way that mine had to worry about me.

So, I know I've made these requests before, but once again... if you are reading this and you feel so inclined, if you could keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers.  Send good vibes.  Positive juju.  Whatever you got.  He could use it.


Oh... this is him.  His name is Spencer.  He's just about 15 months old.  He's got a lot on his plate already.  He doesn't need to add the hassles of cancer to the mix.

Love you, buddy.  Xxo, Phoebe


I'm not going to say too much or I'll cry. But you ARE his family and he loves you. Thank you for all your support. And yeah, fuck cancer. For real.
Phoebe's Mum said…
Too late ... I already AM crying! Be strong, Spencer ... NO CANCER for you!!!!!! No no no no no! NO.
mizzjoz said…
Praying for Spencer. No cancer. No f*&^)ing cancer. Besides, he's too young for a tattoo and when he is old enough it should be for something happy or super heroish or because he's in love - not just in love with Phoebe - but the women he'll marry and have beautiful auburn-haired kids with!
Georgia said…
Positive thoughts bring positive action. In my thoughts Spencer is happy healthy and healed. And lighting a candle wont hurt either.

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