Young Adult Retreat

So I just signed up for a young adult cancer retreat through The Gathering Place here in Cleveland.  I am somewhat leery of this, as the last few cancer connections I've tried to make have ended up sucking major balls.  Like this.  And also this.  But when I looked at the letter in my mail today, I pretty much immediately was like "I want to go to this."  So there it is.  I've registered.  I'm going.

I hope the girl from the "also this" post above isn't also going.  Ha.  Actually, no.  That's not true.  If she is there, maybe I am meant to deal with her again.  Who knows...

Point is - I'm going.  Weird.  I am going to hang out with a bunch of cancer-y young folks and I'm going alone.  Should be interesting.  I hope it goes well.  If nothing else, I have something to look forward to for a minute.

Xxo, Phoebe


Stay out of the labyrinth. It sounds like a trap.
Mum said…
Hey, if it's right, it's right. If not, I'm proud of you for trying it out. We've found that having a support group for Alzheimer's has been awesome, as was the one for cancer caregivers. You take the good parts and leave behind the stuff that doesn't help you. Try it at least twice as different folks show up each time. Mum
angelslight said…
If it's in Westlake... I also signed up :)

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