So Long, Funny Man.

Walked into work yesterday morning to see our general manager bent over my work table sobbing as my coworker quietly fetched her a tissue.  Didn't want to interrupt, so I slunk by to clock in and go about my biz.  All I heard, amid her muffled sniffles was, "I wasn't expecting that."

Turns out what she wasn't expecting was the death, courtesy of stupid fucking cancer, of a former employee and friend of all of the Bonfoey crew.  It was a hard thing to hear.  Especially for all of them who had spent more time working with him than I did.  But hard in a different way for me.  For, you know, obvious reasons.

Last time I saw Mike was, I believe, right after I finished my treatments in January.  I was in Target, picking up prescriptions and whatnot and bumped right into him in the food aisles.  He asked me how things were down at the gallery, and I explained that I had not been there in a couple months due to my health.  He told me that he had been feeling pretty awful recently and was headed to the doctor later that week to see if they could figure out what was wrong with him.  I wished him luck, stole a quick hug, and went on my way.

Maybe a month after that, we got the news down at work that he had the dreaded cancer.  He was fighting, though, and the last time my manager had spoken to him, he'd told her about his plans to go back to work in the fall.  He was a high school teacher.

No one expected this.

He was a sweet man.  Always grinning a huge grin beneath his bushy mustache.  Always had a slew of bad jokes to share.  Always positive.

It's so sad to see someone die.  Stupid cancer...

Xxo, Phoebe


Anonymous said…
Oh no! :( Cancer can suck it.
Anonymous said…
I'm SPACE. This is Dott. Forgot to sign out of my work account.

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