Stupid Target

I have a Target addiction.  I am pretty sure this is not an uncommon occurrence these days.  Everything is bright and clean.  They don't play music.  Most of their food is cheaper than anywhere else I shop.  The clearance items on the endcaps are some of the most fabulous deals I have ever found.  Even their clothes are kinda awesome.  They have slushies.  I love the pharmacy.  I love my pharmacist and the girls that work with her.  They understand than sometimes I need hangers, toilet paper, frozen peas and a bra late and are therefore open til 10pm.  One would thing that Target could do no wrong.

Until today.  When Target made me cry.  Twice.

I've mentioned before that a LOT of my friends have been having babies lately.  I still know more than half a dozen preggo chicas, and several fresh babies as well.  Lots of babies means lots of baby showers and baby birthday parties and baby gifts.  So, because Target is where I buy basically everything in my life, and because Target clearly keeps tabs on what you buy - even if you don't have a Target card, but just pay with your credit/debit card... Target now thinks I have a baby.  Said baby is clearly a cross-dresser who is between newborn and 3, but whatever.  The DETAILS of my purchases are clearly not Target's priority.

IF the details of ALL of my Target purchases were Target's priority, I would probably not have looked into my mail today to find a booklet of coupons, highlighting all the items I can save on... FOR MY BABY.  I would also not, an hour later, received a text message coupon alert, asking me if I wanted to sign up for baby related coupon texts.

If the DETAILS of my purchases were of any importance to Target, maybe Target might have noticed all of the fucking cancer related prescriptions I was filling a few months back.  If the DETAILS of my purchases were important, maybe Target might have noticed that I have been filling prescriptions for hormone replacement pills since I STOPPED filling cancer scripts.  If DETAILS were Target's thing at all, perhaps Target might have put two and fucking two together and not shoved my infertility in my face TWICE today.

It stings.  It's something I think about literally every day now.  And I love my friends and I love their babies.  But it's still hard.  And Target still managed to twist the knife a little today.  Twice.

Of course... that doesn't mean I won't likely be there tomorrow looking for door hooks, natural peanut butter, shampoo and a lemon zester.

Xxo, Phoebe


Jess A. said…
this is how i feel every time i get an email about wedding planning. the relationship ended (and ended badly). and while it needed to happen and i'm glad it did, it still stings to think that someone who you were supposed to be with forever could just be...gone.

in no way am i comparing my stupid ex to cancer, but i can say in my situation, the sting goes away. give yourself time.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think you'd make a fantastic mom. And I know that you know...there are plenty of ways to be a mom without shoving a watermelon-sized human being out of your junk (which may also render it unrecognizable). But I guess that's not really the point. I'm sorry that Target and it's coupons made you feel lousy today. I know exactly how that feels on a slightly different level. When something is going on in your life, it's everywhere, in your face, being a bastard. Love you.
Michelle Auer said…
When I was married, and my ex made it very clear he was squashing all of my dreams of having a baby, I had something similar happen. I remember opening the mailbox and getting newborn diaper samples. In my case, it was an ex best girlfriend who had signed me up for a bunch of baby sample lists because she was being a hosebeast. She knew it would upset me. And it did. It is like a little landmine in your mailbox.
I'd say, send this post to Target in letter form. It is perfect as is. Maybe make them a little more sensitive?
It makes me sad that you had a mailbox landmine. Those suck.

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