Phoebe is officially one year cancer-free!! We got "the" letter from the clinic yesterday afternoon. 

I'm not going to lie, the waiting for news like this is still difficult. I have to pretend I'm not thinking about it constantly and hoping I get a call from the wife that says "ALL GOOD!". I know she's fine, but it's still hard. It is getting a little easier every time, and I think this one-year anniversary is a big milestone.

We are both slowly regaining full-function (or dysfunction as the case may be) and momentum, she is making amazing art again and learning a language on top of her regular schedule... I am back to building bikes and cars and microphones and various other odd things, my focus has returned, I am working on getting a service garage open in the near future.

The nature of our relationship has changed because of this whole thing, and while I certainly won't give this cancer shit an A+ rating as a "life experience" or whatever, it has without a doubt made us closer. I had to explain to a kid the other day as I'm buying a car (and by "buying a car" I mean I bought some of a car and several boxes of parts... this is a thing I do quite often) that I'd have to talk with the wife about keeping it. I get the standard eye-roll... like "oh yeah, stupid woman won't leave this guy alone". No no, I explain... I need to talk to her not because she gives a shit if I bring home a junk car (or three)... but because she knows when I'm about to be overwhelmed with projects before I do.

... which is true.

The current car build is on a not-nearly-as-pretty blog over here:


skott said…
so stoked for you guys! happy 1st 2nd anniversary!
Mum said…
One year cancer free is truly a celebration-maker! Congratulations, and we love hearing from you, Ryan! Have fun with the car. Newfoundland? Really? Just might have to come watch ... heh heh!

jim nelson said…
You guys ROCK! Love love love you both, and special thanks to you Ryan for Being soooo supportive of Phoebe. It means the world to me, her mom Nan and Dad Gary, and of course, to Phoebe Mariebe!.....tat dad

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