A quick "Team Spencer" break

On Sunday, October 13th, I will be waking up on the final day of the second annual Gathering Place Young Adults Cancer Retreat.  And at 5pm that evening, I will be heading to Wade Oval to walk in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk to walk with Team Spencer!!!

I am walking in honor of Spencer and his amazing positivity.  And in honor of his family and their inspiring resilience.

I am walking in honor of all the awesome Leukemia & Lymphoma survivors I have met in my life (including some from last year's Young Adults Cancer Retreat!).

I am walking in honor of ALL the cancer survivors in my life.  And in honor of a very special anonymous friend's loved one who is just beginning their own battle.

I set myself a pretty high fundraising goal just because you can never really do enough...

If you can donate at all - even a few bucks - please do:


Thank you.

Love love, Phoebe


Phoebe's Mum said…
I'm so glad we get to do this with you, Lacey & family, and many others!! A great cause, and for me a way to celebrate Spencer and you and Dad having BEAT CANCER!!!

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