It's The Little Things

On days like today... days where:

1) Both Ryan and I seem to be half-fighting off some sort of nonsense sore throaty, achy bonesy, burny sinusy, itchy eary thing that just won't either take us down or leave us be,

2) some jerk in California steals my bank card numbers and empties my account via ATM,

and 3) the little jack where I plug my charger into my cell phone BREAKS and makes it impossible to charge anymore... thus necessitating the purchase of a NEW phone that I cannot afford (and will not be delivered til Friday).

It's days like this when I have to take pleasure in the little things...

One of those little things making me smile right now is actually the memory of something that happened on Sunday that I wanted to share at the time, but forgot.  I was on my way to the supermarket and was merging onto I-90 West from West 150th.  It's an obnoxious merge, because you end up merging into an exit only lane for McKinley Avenue which is like 5 feet after you get onto the highway.  So you have to basically haul ass and get over TWO lanes ASAP.  I glance in my mirror to see if I'm good to get over my first lane, and there's something there, so I turn to see who's being an ass and hanging out right in my lane.  And it's not a car.  Or a truck.  Or a bike or anything that one would expect.  It's a BIRD!  Flying about 4 feet off the ground, down the highway, in the lane I need to be in!  I just cracked up laughing.  I have never seen anything like that before!  Unsure of what to do, I put my blinker on.  And the bird was like, "Oh.  Sorry." And instead of getting over a lane to let me in - he just flew up into the sky.  You know.  Like a bird should!  It was funny and beautiful and just awesome.  Such a small, silly little thing, but it made me smile all the way to the store.  And it's making me smile again tonight while I try not to fret over everything else.

When those good little things happen to you, hold onto them.  You never know when they might be useful!

Xxo, Phoebe


Daniela said…
I love this post. This is the very essence of why you represent the word 'hope' in every way. I adore you. Forever.
Zenon Young said…
hearts times one hundred!
Anonymous said…
birds are awesome. that cracks me up!
jim nelson said…
As our dear friend John E. would have said, "What are you grateful for today, kid?" love your "positivity" in the face of adversity! Love you... Tat dad

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