Playing Catch Up, Part 1: The Long Ease

I know. I know.

I've barely posted in a month.  And I apologize.  It's not that I haven't had thing I wanted to post about, either - it's just that time of year where finding even a MOMENT of free time is nearly impossible... let alone finding ALL the time I think I'll need to truly get to all of the things I wanted to talk about here.

But I'm going to try.  I'm at the very LEAST going to get started.  And I'm going to start with art!

I started typing about the things that disappointed/pissed me off about the "employee show / holiday party" at my full time day job gallery, but that's not very Positively Phoebe, is it?  And honestly... fuck it  all of the things that sucked about the whole situation.  Because one really wonderful thing came out of it.

I started making art again!

It's been several years since I have felt that creativity come over me.  Several years since the time when I couldn't wait to get home from work so I could ACTUALLY work.

And getting back into it was a whole different experience post-cancer.  That may sound stupid, but it was true.  I felt myself really wanting to create and express beauty and hope and change.  I wanted to go in a new direction while still staying true to my aesthetic.

And after a suggestion from my incredible husband, this new body of work just exploded.  And I absolutely love it!  And I have received so many incredible compliments on these pieces, as well - one of the best being that my work had really "matured".  It may sound like a dig to some, but to me it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Getting back into a mindset of creating is difficult after a multi-year hiatus.  And even more so after a life altering experience like cancer. Hence the title I gave to this series (which I plan to continue adding to):

The Long Ease
New Works by (me) Phoebe Marie Nelson

unseen. 7 x 5.
$100 framed.
Seeking. 14 x 11.
$200 framed. SOLD.
dream. 8 x 10.
$150 framed.
feel. 17 x 10.
$200 framed.
be. 15-3/4 x 11-3/4.
$225 framed.
breathe deep. 20 x 16.
$300 framed.
Release me. 12 x 12.
$225 framed.
ordeal. 8 x 10.
$100 framed. SOLD.
Healed. 14 x 11.
$200 framed. SOLD.
Fleeting. 8 x 10.
$150 framed.
Queen. 14 x 11.
$200 framed.
reveal. 7 x 5.
$100 framed.
I hope you enjoy them.  I am very proud of this series.  I hope no one thinks it's presumptuous to list prices on the blog here.  I have just had some inquiries, and since my art website is down at the moment, this just felt like the best way to do it. Photographing these pieces was an art in itself.  The lettering on each work is actually clear vinyl, so it really only "shows up" at certain angles or in certain light.  And trying not to get between that certain light and the art with my big round head and camera... oof.  

Anyhow.  More updates to come this weekend.  
Love love love, Phoebe


Mum said…
I'm glad you posted these on your blog! They are so different than your past expressions, with all of the open space for thoughts and feelings to float in. And they are a beautiful expression of the year you just experienced. I can't wait to see my newest addition to the Phoebe gallery!



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