Brother Ed

So many Clevelanders knew Brother Ed well.  To me, he was but an acquaintance.  An AWESOME one, but an acquaintance all the same.  That, however, does not change the ache in my heart knowing that Ed lost his battle with stupid fucking cancer today.

He was a fighter, though.  One hell of a fighter.  His diagnosis came to him many years ago - and along with it came a grim prognosis, as far as the "how much time" question was concerned.  But Ed outlasted those projections fucking tenfold.  Because he was an amazing, positive and strong man.  Because he had a loving family, and a gajillion friends holding him up through it all.

He left behind a beautiful wife and child.  And more friends than  most of us will ever know.  He left a hole in Cleveland.  A hole in many a heart.

Goodbye, Brother Ed.  And good luck.


Jill said…
I remember driving my old car to the 2nd Annual Lakewood Car Kulture show in 2003. I stepped out and heard this amazing beat and music floating thru the streets. My feet followed that sound and there they were. It was U.S.G.R. I told everyone for a week about their infectious music and style. Little did I know he also had an hot rod and we would chat at the shows thru the years. Good times. RIP.
Daniela said…
I remember visiting Cleveland from NYC and raving to everyone that would listen about the amazingness of Uncle Scratch.

He was loved and he will be missed. *hugs*

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